Still Going Strong

The Renter has screened at more than 80 festivals around the world and received numerous awards and accolades. We've had a lot of fun attending festivals and making new friends. We'd just like to say THANKS! Thanks to everyone for all the support and to the festivals for showcasing our work. 

Best Animation at Clare Valley


The Renter not only went to Clare Valley, that's in Austrailia, for a film festival... but it won Best Animation! That's right. Woo hoo! We're so excited! Thanks to everyone at the festival for the award. We had to send an acceptance speech on video. Being in front of cameras makes me nervous, but don't tell anyone :)

MEO Award at Festival MONSTRA

At first I thought it was MEOWWWWWW, but there's no W. It's still a lot of fun though! The Meo Award is for the Best International Student Animation at Festival MONSTRA in Portugal. I love Portugal. They've been so good to us. The Prize is a huge honor and another I wish we could have accepted in person.

The Bronze Jabberwocky

The Bronze Jabberwocky has arrived. What's a Bronze Jabberwocky you ask? It's a tasty prize from Etiuda & Anima, a wonderful animation festival in Poland. No you can eat it, but "tasty" is such a nice adjective, it's just hard not to use sometimes. Now we have something pretty to put on the shelf. 

2 Big Awards. 1 Night.

Last night, The Renter won the Grand Prix at Cinanima (Portugal), and the coveted Special Jury Prize at the Bradford Animation Festival (UK).  It was an exciting evening with a flurry of emails, messages,  and a late night call from a friendly group of excited Portuguese. We're excited too!!!

Grand Prize at Ottawa!

That's right, this weekend The Renter won the Grand Prize for Best Student Animation at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in Canada. This is so awesome. It's a tremendous honor an one we are eternally grateful for. I just wish we could have been there to accept the award! Thanks to everyone at the festval.!

Look! More Awards.

It's been an exciting few months. The Renter has been busy out on the festival circuit.We've pulled in a few new awards: "Best Student Animation" at Animation Festival Tindirindis, "Best Student Animation" at Anifest Rozafa, "2nd Place" at Computer Space 2011, and "Best Animation" at Cabbagetown FF, just to name a few.

Check out the awards page for a full update.

Interview with Cartoon Brew

Hot off the Annie Award Nomination, Amid Amidi at Cartoon Brew did an amazing interview with me about The Renter. He's an incredible writer and it was an honor for him to ask me so many questions. It's a great read. We talk a lot about the background of the film, how it was made, and the difficulties of creating independent animation in the States.  Read the interview here.


I just received word that The Renter was nominated for an Annie Award for Best Animated Short. What an honor! We're thrilled to be in consideration against the likes of Pixar, WB, and Bill Plympton. The award ceremony is early next year in Los Angeles. Come out and support us. We need all the help we can get!